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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

family medical leave

Tomorrow, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in a federal case that involves a claim that the State of Nevada violated the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

public opinion and juries

A lobbyist talks to Forbes Magazine about shifts in public opinion regarding fast food chains, and what they could mean to the restaurants in obesity cases.

comic free speech

Free speech and humor. What role does obscenity play in comedy? Lenny Bruce pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable on stage in front of an audience, and what wasn't. NPR chronicles his efforts in an article called 'The Trials of Lenny Bruce'

3 quick links about karaoke

Outcome satisfies karaoke inventor

Japanese karaoke fans sing the blues

New Filing ? Top Tunes

the first state, for gambling

Delaware, Rhode Island, and West Virginia are at the forefront of an explosion waiting to happen. At least that's the thinking of Joe Bob Briggs, who claims that Slot Wars will break out, and within ten years, no one within the United States will be more than "50 miles from a slot machine." He could be right. Delaware has benefitted from having laws allowing slot machines at racetracks. But, what happens when surrounding states allow similar endeavors?


Seventy percent of Australia will soon be underwater (by act of law). Adds new meaning to the phrase "down under."

Sunday, January 12, 2003


Time magazine named three whistleblowers as their people of the year in 2002. An article in an Australian newspaper, Let's encourage whistleblowing, looks at efforts in that Country to have people report problems under whistleblowing statutes and discusses the history of whistleblowing protection in the United States.

Next week, the US Supreme Court will look at a whistleblowing case involving the filing of a False Claims Act complaint against a county.
The False Claims Act says any "person" found to have obtained federal funding through untrue statements is liable for fines up to $10,000 and must repay the government three times the amount fraudulently obtained.

The question before the Supreme Court is whether "person" can apply to a county, said Chandler's attorney, Judson H. Miner of Chicago.
Will the Supreme Court uphold the decision to apply the law against a county? It's possible.

The False Claims Act does apply to companies that do business with the federal government or which receive federal subsidies. The best way for a business to avoid a False Claims Act suit is to set up programs that eliminate, or drastically reduce the possibility of a need for whistleblowing in the first place. See: Why Should Your Company Establish an Effective Corporate Compliance Program?

daughters in business

There's an article in USA Today on family owned businesses that shows an interesting challenge to glass ceilings everywhere. Many small business owners are considering passing control of their companies to their daughters.

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