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Saturday, February 01, 2003


May our thoughts and prayers be with the families of the crew. We appreciate the sacrifices of those in the pursuit of the exploration and utilization of space. It is costly. Those who have died believed that it is worth it. As do I.

Friday, January 31, 2003

the perfect cup of coffee halfway between luke warm and steaming....

...leeches all the moisture from your mouth on the first sip...

...wakes you up first, from the bitter jolt, and then later from the caffeine...

makes Friday mornings happen.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

year of the blues

On September 12, 2002, the United States Senate resolved that the period of time from February 1, 2003 to February 1, 2004 has been designated as the Year of the Blues:

Designating the year beginning February 1, 2003, as the `Year of the Blues'.

Whereas blues music is the most influential form of American roots music, with its impact heard around the world in rock and roll, jazz, rhythm and blues, country, and even classical music;

Whereas the blues is a national historic treasure, which needs to be preserved, studied, and documented for future generations;

Whereas the blues is an important documentation of African-American culture in the twentieth century;

Whereas the various forms of the blues document twentieth-century American history during the Great Depression and in the areas of race relations, pop culture, and the migration of the United States from a rural, agricultural society to an urban, industrialized Nation;

Whereas the blues is the most celebrated form of American roots music, with hundreds of festivals held and millions of new or reissued blues albums released each year in the United States;

Whereas the blues and blues musicians from the United States, whether old or new, male or female, are recognized and revered worldwide as unique and important ambassadors of the United States and its music;

Whereas it is important to educate the young people of the United States to understand that the music that they listen to today has its roots and traditions in the blues;

Whereas there are many living legends of the blues in the United States who need to be recognized and to have their story captured and preserved for future generations; and

Whereas the year 2003 is the centennial anniversary of when W.C. Handy, a classically-trained musician, heard the blues for the first time, in a train station in Mississippi, thus enabling him to compose the first blues music to distribute throughout the United States, which led to him being named `Father of the Blues': Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Senate--

(1) designates the year beginning February 1, 2003, as the `Year of the Blues'; and

(2) requests that the President issue a proclamation calling on the people of the United States to observe the `Year of the Blues' with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and educational programs.
More on some of the programs celebrating the Blues in the U.S., from the New York Sun.

While we will be celebrating the Blues in the United States, British musicians have their own blues to contend with. While there was some good news for them, in the announcement of a program to help unemployed musicians find work under a program called the New Deal for Musicians, there was also some bad news. A silent protest was held on Monday outside of Parliment by hundreds of gagged musicians over a licensing bill that may threaten to keep music out of British Pubs. Seems like a matter of giving with one hand, and taking away with the other.

protect your identity

A reporter from the local paper, the Wilmington News Journal, was recently the victim of identity theft. He describes his experience in a painful blow-by-blow description of the fight to reclaim his name. The article's sidebar has some good suggestions on how you can help protect your identity. He also wrote a companion piece on efforts to make it more difficult for people to appropriate social security numbers and other vulnerable information.

While there is some very useful information in the News Journal articles on identity theft, sometimes you just have to wonder about how fragile the whole credit reporting system is. Especially when you read about a woman who is fighting the credit agencies to prove to them that she is not dead, as their records indicate.

legal XML update

A new committee has been formed to help created standards for the sharing of criminal record information between criminal justice agencies. The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) has been working to develop standards in the use of XML for a wide range of industries. While some of those links are pretty technical, the implications behind this news is that the standards being developed would enable information that is being declassified more quickly under the Homeland Security Information Sharing Act of 2002 to be communicated faster with local law enforcement agencies.

driving the environment

The success of a move to hybrid cars is going to rely upon public acceptance, and the auto manufacturers making an actual effort to bring the vehicles to the people. A New York Times article titled Hybrid Cars Are Catching On brings a bit of optimism with it.

state of the union

In case you missed it, and didn't intend to, here's the full transcript for the State of the Union Address, from President Bush.

in-house counsel

It is looking like in-house counsel will be tasked with going up the ladder, rather than mandatory noisy withdrawals, when faced with internal illegal contact.

Got it?

Not final... just the latest scoop.

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