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Saturday, March 22, 2003

Delaware Bar Exam is touted as the toughest in the nation


One of the many hurdles to becoming a Delaware Lawyer (acquiring a license to practice law) is the Bar Exam. At a seminar on January 23, 2003 at the Wyndham Gardens Hotel in Wilmington, Delaware's Chief Disciplinary Counsel said: " Our bar is the hardest bar in the country to pass. And, we have high standards and we intend to keep them that way."

Reader Quiz: What was the process to become an attorney before the standardized Bar Exam?

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Away From Home

Well... Ernie's in Belize and the Army's enroute to Baghdad. I guess that leaves just you and me to mind the store. And remember Newark (DE) is pronounced "New Ark". If you ask for "Newerk", you'll be sent to the Sopranos.

Monday, March 17, 2003

Michael Geist awarded internet and ecommerce research chair

The Ottawa Business Journal is reporting that Professor Michael Geist was rewarded a research chair at the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Law, earlier today.

If the name doesn't sound familiar, it's because you don't receive a copy of the BNA's Internet Law News, which Professor Geist authors. You're missing out on a nice daily (and free) recap of the previous day's news about internet law. Professor Geist also writes a number of articles, and a regular column for the Toronto Star. Many of those are collected on his web site -- Congratulations, Professor Geist.

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