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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

blogging security and the matrix


An article from IDG's Computer World looks at the use of blogs in developing homeland security.

One organization that will be using limited-access blogs as knowledge sharing tools will be the Multistate Anti-TeRrorism Information EXchangetm (MATRIX). For more about the MATRIXtm and other trademarked policing programs, visit the Institute for Intergovernmental Research.

And here's a link to that other Matrix.

the first state in science


Delaware's schools have been receiving accolades over a set of curriculum standards for science classes that are ranked amongst the top three in the country, and had them consulting with the heads of schools like MIT during the planning stages.

May is Archeology Month in Delaware, and there are a large number of events happening thoughout the state.

old business


A 319 year old farm in Kent County, Delaware, has been named the fifth oldest family business in the United States. The family originally purchased the property from someone who was granted ownership of the land directly from William Penn. Family Business Magazine lists the 102 oldest family run businesses in their spring issue. It's an awesome list.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Anchorage balances free speech with safety, in considering anti-panhandler legislation


With some modifications, the anti-panhandler ordinance became a safety ordinance. Rather than proposing an absolute ban, the revised, proposed ordinance would ban all such sign waving and begging activities within 4 feet of the curb.

Defendant's Doozie of the Week


"I have an SUV, so I can drive 70 in the snow"

[ a 35mph zone after drinking, an accident, and running a stop sign]

Sunday, May 11, 2003

floating around the blogoverse


A visit by the Secret Service to a couple of high school students in Oakland, California, have many people upset.

Webraw is telling us that weblogs will save the world. The author makes lots of great points.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has made a ruling about gun ownership upholding a California law which bans a number of different types of assault weapons.

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