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Saturday, May 24, 2003

A conspiracy of sorts -- Blawgs from our blogroll that begin with the letter "v" have decided to move. I'm guessing that they didn't call each other first, and it's purely a coincidence.

Just in case, if you've previously bookmarked the Volokh Conspiracy or Votelaw, you'll want to update your favorites. If you haven't visited either site before, now's your chance.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

one year at the trademark blog


The law is amazing sometimes, like when state supreme courts make rulings determining that cats aren't dogs. It's good to have a place where common sense and a bit of humor shine through like Martin Schwimmer's Trademark Blog, which turned one this weekend. Congratulations!

judging delaware


Governor Minner made two judicial nominations on Friday. One will bring Vice-Chancellor Jack B. Jacobs to the Delaware Supreme Court. The other sees Family Court Associate Judge Chandlee Johnson Kuhn becoming the Chief Judge in Family Court.

The Wilmington News-Journal is overjoyed by the nomination of Vice Chancellor Jacobs, and explain why in an editorial in today's paper. I'd have to say that their analysis is spot-on.

The Governor's press release indicates when these nominees will be presented to the Senate for confirmation. From this vantage, it appears unlikely that there will be any controversy over the selections. Celia Cohen has a nice look at the nominees over at the Delaware Grapevine.

a road runs through it


Delaware has spent $894 million on a road that passes through a large part of the State, from the City of Wilmington, to the south of Dover. In addition to being one of the costliest public works projects in State history, it has transformed the State.

justice bobbled


It was bound to happen. OK, maybe it wasn't. The publishers of law journal Green Bag are producing a 1000 figure limited run of Justice William Rehnquist bobble-headed dolls. One was sent to the Chief Justice earlier this month.

Right now, on the web site of Green Bag, you can "click his head to see him move."

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