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Saturday, June 28, 2003

accessible web sites

It's good to see the working draft of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 come out this last week. There are some great ideas in the draft. It's documents like this one that simultaneously remind you that the web is still in its infancy, and that it has great potential as a communications tool.

radio frequency identification overview

Security Focus magazine is running an article which gives an in depth look at privacy and technology in the form of RFID Chips. As they state:
The law of unintended consequences is about to encounter surveillance devices smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.
I'm wondering when the first radio frequency identification blocking devices will start rolling out.

Friday, June 27, 2003

sneaking suspicions about Brighton, Delaware

Welcome to The City of Brighton would be a traffic sign that Fritz Schranck, of Sneaking Suspicions, would like to see in Sussex County Delaware. But...

There is no Brighton, Delaware. The only traffic it gets is to its homepage. Regardless, it's a brilliant idea.

don't call around here no more

It's now a reality. The National Do Not Call Registry is something you can sign up for online. I haven't checked into all of the details, and I'm going to make sure that I do before I submit my information. For people who sign up this summer, the telemarketers have to stop calling October 1st.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

retiring justice too soon

It's not every job that you can do well into your later days. Supreme Court Justice is an exception. The Christian Science Monitor is warning us that we may soon start seeing a justice or two retire. Or will we? Is it The great court shuffle that may not come. As the authors of the piece state:
Nothing concentrates Washington minds quite like speculation about an imminent departure from the US Supreme Court.

shiver me timbers

A blogdex search turned up this job posting from the Motion Picture Association, for a captain (Internet Enforcement Administrator - to use their words) to fight piracy world wide. It's amazing that they look for someone who has a intricate knowledge of networking protocols, supervisory skills, a firm grasp of legal issues related to the subject, and then they limit it to "California Residents only."

reducing repeat offenses

The Wilmington News Journal is reporting upon a project [that] helps ex-cons adjust. I like the sound of this program. It builds a support system based upon relationships between individuals.
The three-year project, created under a $2 million federal grant, would allow ex-convicts to work with one person instead of multiple agencies to receive services they need to successfully re-enter society
I think that this has a chance of having an impact upon recidivism rates.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

mediation only cases in Chancery Court

Vice Chancellor Leo E. Strine, Jr. takes a look at how Delaware's Chancery Court might be able to fill a role in corporate disputes as a mediating body that hears a dispute privately, before any filing of a lawsuit may be undertaken.

The essay, 'Mediation Only' Filings in the Delaware Court of Chancery: Can New Value Be Added by One of America's Business Courts? explores the topic in fairly broad terms. It also provides insight into how the process will work now that the State of Delaware has made recent chances to Delaware's laws to allow for this type of mediation in Chancery Court.

delaware on the web

Dale Dallabrida takes a look at Delaware on the web for the Wilmington News Journal, in an article that provides a lot of links to local web sites. There are some great local links there if you want to find more online about the first state.

a little too connected

I've been managing to avoid getting a cell phone. I just don't want to be that connected to the world. But, it looks like it will be an unavoidable piece of technology. Or will it be?

I remember the "reasonable expectation of privacy" cases in law school over the content of telephone messages. But, what if it's location and not content that someone is interested in uncovering? The latest issue of Legal Affairs is filled with some great articles. One that captured my attention quickly was called Your Cellphone is a Homing Device. It defines possibilities as technology becomes more capable of infringing upon privacy:
No federal statute is keeping your wireless provider from informing Dunkin' Donuts that your visits to Starbucks have been dropping off and you may be ripe for a special coupon offer. Nor are cops explicitly required to obtain a judicial warrant before compiling a record of where you sneaked off to last Thursday night.
Speaking of technology and privacy, has anyone seen wallets for sale that have aluminum foil lining to block the radio frenquency identification tag in my work badge? Since I'm asking for shopping advice, I might as well also inquire about recommendations on shoes that don't trigger walk-through metal detectors?

Sunday, June 22, 2003

delaware witness relocation program

Delaware's Senate and House recently approved of bill in Delaware that echoes the Federal Winess protection Program. It's a well written set of statutes that covers the creation of a"witness services and relocation program."

This House Bill 61 from the 142nd General Assembly is awaiting the signature of Governor Minner. There's only one minor drawback to the bill that I can think of. That is, Where do you hide someone in Delaware? The State just seems to small to have a relocation program. Maybe we can set up an exchance program with some other small states.

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