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Saturday, July 12, 2003

A painful malpractice debate 07/12/03

From the Dodge Globe, finally, a well balanced and thoughtful discussion without the rhetoric: Kinsley: A painful malpractice debate : "The malpractice debate is a war of anecdotes. Both sides want you to feel that life could go awry at any moment."

blaming overtime amendment on trial lawyers?

In an article entitled House OKs rules to revise overtime, we get the following statement:

?The only winners under this amendment are the trial lawyers,? said Rep. Charles Norwood, R-Ga.

I'm trying to figure out exactly how that works...

arrrggh... there be treasure on them beaches

The Wilmington News Journal takes a look at treasure hunting along Delaware's shores, with metal detectors. The article quickly turns into a history of pirates who frequented Delaware's beaches and bay. If you find a local treasure map, you might not want to be too quick to scoff at it.

cache and copyright concerns

Ever use Google to search for information, and click on a link provided only to find the site isn't coming up? Then, returning to Google and clicking on the "cache" link to the site? I have, and it's vey useful.

But, is it ok for Google to have copies of web sites like that? I'm not sure that I want to make the argument for or against. It has helped me in the past.

But, there is a concern being voiced by some people on the web. There's an argument that I've seen a number of people make in web forums. It was only a matter of time before mainstream media took a closer look at Google's cache. Especially since it can provide looks at pages they've archived, to be retrieved for a price.

stocking the law library -- with CDs

The Delaware Law Office is a fan of law books on CD, and has been for years. When you consider how much can actually fit on one of those CDs, it really becomes a decision that doesn't require a great deal of thought.

There is something about having a book in your hands that can't be duplicated by the keyboard and monitor. But it's something that you can learn to do without when you consider the savings in terms of space, and convenience.

Just how large is the law library in your office? has an article that looks at law firms and their libraries: Revolution or Evolution for Law Libraries?

Friday, July 11, 2003

delaware seeks designers

Your help is needed if you are an artist or designer. And the results of your efforts could be seen on roadways in Delaware, and anywhere that a Delawarean might drive.

The State has sent out a call for artists to help design a novelty license plate "to honor Delaware's farmland preservation program."

Entries are due by August 12th. I don't see anything in the announcement that limits participation to Delawareans.

Delaware's gallows have now been dismantled.

international law and bounties

If you've been following along at home, this might sound a little like a rerun of a syndicated tv series. A bounty hunter, trying to bring in fugitives, while being a fugitive himself.

In the case of Duane Lee Chapman (warning, audio clip of "who let the dog out" plays repeatedly), it's the real thing. While capturing Andrew Luster in Mexico recently, he broke that Country's law. It's illegal to be a bounty hunter in Mexico.

This last Monday, instead of appearing in front of a Mexican judge, which is a weekly condition of his bail, Dog Chapman was busy picking up the bounty for the capture of Andrew Luster. The failure to appear now makes him a fugitive.

A Findlaw article on The Perils of Bounty Hunting offer an interesting and informative look at extradition in North America and the difficulties in chasing someone across national borders.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

banned books database

The Norwegian Forum for Freedom of Expression has created an international database of banned books called the Beacon for Freedom of Expression. I was surprised by how many banned books I've read.

Corporate Forms Disc Hits The Streets

DE LAW OFFICE today began offering for sale, a cd of more than 70 sample corporate and general business forms. For $50 plus shipping and handling. E-mail me to order.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

UNUM Steps In It Again

The United States District Court for the District of Delaware, in Purnell v. Unum C.A. No. 02-160-JJF, held up UNUM at 2nd base as UNUM tried to steal. Veteran pitcher, Selma Hayman, Esquire walked one make-believe doctor and then held the score to 0 - 0. UNUM is building a body of case law on their own, as they strive to cut their insureds from the bench, like so many unsigned free agents. Mark down a win for the little gal.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

delaware justices make the news

On Thursday of last week, former Vice-Chancellor Jack Jacobs was introduced as Justice Jack Jacobs, at an investiture ceremony held that afternoon at the New Castle County Courthouse.

Also on Thursday, his predecessor, Joseph T. Walsh was recognized by Delaware's Governor Ruth Ann Minner with the Order of the First State, the State's highest official governmental honor, for his years of public service.

justice O'Connor likely to return

it's beginning to look likely that Justice Sandra Day O'Connor will likely return when the US Supreme Court reconvenes in October. Justice O'Connor indicates she will return to high court.

bursting the beach bubble

Housing and transportation are concerns everywhere. Delaware is such a small state, that it can be interesting watching how development in one part of a state can have an impact upon the whole state.

Sussex County, the southernmost part of Delaware, is going through interesting times. Between its access to the ocean, an evergrowing number of outlet shops, and the growth of a number of towns and developments, it is seeing some serious changes. And it's experiencing some serious growth spurts.

The Wilmington News Journal takes a look at real estate and traffic in the areas near Delaware's beaches and finds some reason for concerns.

Is there a real estate bubble waiting to burst? Are there steps that need to be taken now by the Delaware Department of Transportation to improve the traffic situation?

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