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Saturday, July 26, 2003

sundaes and litigation

It's a hot day in Delaware, and an ice cream cone would be an enjoyable treat. The Washington Times is reporting about a George Washington University law professor and a consumer health group that have sent threatening letters to ice cream chains demanding healthier alternatives and more easily available consumer information in an article called Lawyers scream about ice cream.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Maryland Announces Closing of State

The Onion | Deficit-Wracked Maryland Calls It Quits

Now here's a perfect example of what happens when a State doesn't prop itself up with a well planned, stable, income base. Take a look at Delaware, in contrast. We have government sponsored gambling and liberal corporate formation laws. This helps us to get through the lean years. Too bad our neighbor didn't make arrangements for their economic future.

Anyone want some used State vehicles... cheap?

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Aren't There At least Two Trial Lawyers Per Trial?

As one thinks past the rhetoric and smirkish "trial lawyer" name calling, we can clearly see that President Bush and his propaganda crew can't logically be opposed to all trial lawyers, it must only be that one-half of them that oppose his clique of oil, insurance, and special interest industries. So, I suppose for him to be honest, he would have to say that his trial lawyers are ok, but not yours. But that level of honesty stretches even his level of school yard posturing.

It is easy to pick a word that many people dislike, and utter it with a distasteful look and a grimace. To do so disingenuously in support of one's own unrelated political agenda is the slimy sort of politics that works against the needs of the people as a whole. (see how I used the words "slimy sort of politics" here with a grimace)

Even litigators should be disappointed with the onset of a trial. A trial means that we have failed to encourage the parties to reach a reasonable resolution to their issues. But trials are there to keep us all honest. They are the constitutional backbone of our rights as citizens. Without the looming pressure of a trial, many folk would not have the incentive to negotiate reasonably.

Sure, there are erroneous trial results. That's why we have courts of appeals. Don't be distracted by the few examples held up on politically motivated banners. But let us work together to improve the judicial system with reforms that really help all of the people, not just the special interest campaign contributors.

Right, Jane?

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