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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Same-Sex Entities

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are increasingly popular vehicles for same sex domestic partners to organize their affairs and protect their respective financial interests, while at the same time conducting a side business. Although gay or lesbian marriages are not legally recognized in many places, Delaware Corporations are given wide acceptance. LLC's can provide a legal framework of rights which approach, but do not duplicate the traditional marital rights. With good planning, a business purpose, and sound legal guidance, an LLC combined with a Will, a Living Will, and a Durable Power of Attorney can accomplish your estate planning goals.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I Just Have One Question!

My staff and I hear this every day, all day long. Normal people who have questions about some legal aspect of their life, and want the answer. They don't want to pay for legal advice, they just want the answer to their question. Why should they have to pay for that!? Well the answer is 42.

What some clients don't understand is that in order for me to answer their one question, I must ask and answer dozens more. And even then we may need to review documents and trace the history of the problem. Thus what is initially percieved by the client as being a simple question, is most usually an hour or more of work.

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The News Journal's Almanac re: Courts gives us a nice quick reference guide to the who and where questions of Courts. While the Alamanac as a whole is an excellent resource for general info.

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