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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Third Second Blawgiversary

DELAWOFFICE is celebrating the 3rd 2nd anniversary of its legal blog "Blawg" in Newark on September 10, 2003. Anyone interested in attending should contact me in advance. Time sure flies when you are writing fun.

OK. You caught us. We've only been doing this for just about two years. It seems longer, and besides, we can't bring the blog out for a drink if it isn't old enough.

Sorry about the "three years" thing. I sent an email to Larry, telling him it was the three year anniversary. He asked me in person if I was sure. I insisted. Should have counted on my fingers, in retrospect.

It's actually the third year that we're going into. Hopefully with some fresh new ideas, and some fun in mind. If we can interest some readers of this blog to join us in the lifting of a glass, or in a meal somewhere on the 10th, please let Larry know. Thanks. -- Bill Slawski

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

red wine molecule extends life

More evidence in support of one of my favorite and expensive hobbies: US study- ABC News Online

old new castle county courthouse

I visited the little town of North East, Maryland, over the weekend, and came across a great bunch of small restaurants and shops. I stopped in one shop, and found a post card of Delaware's major courthouse in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Once upon a time, where a statue of Caesar Rodney is now prominently on display in the center of Wilmington, was the New Castle County Courthouse:

from 1880 to the 1920s, the stately looking New Castle County Court House was the place to go for justice in Northern Delaware.

I think I like the exterior of this building better than the present courthouse. It has a sense of stateliness about it.

the friendly skies

The best thing about the Computerized Airline Passenger Pre-Screening System II seems to be the drawing together of those who oppose it. One reaction that's worth a look is the Don't Spy on us web site.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

the dark goddess of replevin fades into the shadows

The dark goddess of replevin speaks. Her voice is fading. She is being engulfed by the big firms. We will miss you goddess.

Confront Your Accusers... Tell them "sit", "stay", then give them a biscuit

Popular Science Magazine published an interesting article about how dogs are being used as witnesses (or not) in courts. As we tap into their nasal resources as a tool in crime detection, many legal issues come to mind:

How do you cross-examine a dog?
How can we distinguish independent dog identification of a scent as from the Clever Hans effect?
How can we verify dog training accuracy and reliability?
How can a defendant overcome the prejudicial "cute puppy effect"?
Cousins of our new puppy, Misty

photo by Stephanie Martucci

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Fox Watching the Henhouse - EPA digs up DNREC hypocrisy

In a very embarrassing series of events for DNREC, EPA has found cruddy violations at DNREC site, apparently perpetrated by DNREC, as reported by the News Journal.

Dirty Deeds

photo by The News Journal/SCOTT NATHAN

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