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Friday, December 05, 2003

adwords vs trademarks

In one corner, the holders of trademarks.

In another, a search engine which is knowingly allowing competitors of the trademark holders to use those trademarked terms to trigger the presence of their advertisements on search results pages.

Google is suing in a U.S. District Court in California to argue for a declaratory judgment holding that their adwords advertising does not constitute trademark infringement.

I'm wondering in this instance, if we're seeing one of those situations which someone could preface with a "be careful what you ask for, because you just might not like the answer you get?"

Law school exams

To those who will be taking law school exams over the next few weeks, good luck.

Professor Bainbridge has shared his last year's exam for advanced corporations.

He also posted links for good and bad law school studying tips.

One of the things I liked was the set up question at the end of the exam problem:
You are a clerk to a Vice Chancellor of the Delaware chancery court. The Vice Chancellor has asked you to write a bench memorandum discussing the relevant issues raised by Empire?s suit.

patents, software and business practices

Andis Kaulins caught our mention of a recently filed lawsuit over a web based payment system. The result was a thoughtful post at LawPundit on the absurdity of applying patent law to business practices on the web.

questioning Howard

We recently pointed towards an Interview with Judge Posner conducted by Howard Bashman. unbillable hours points us towards an interview that puts Howard Bashman on the hot seat.

giacalone's Bar & Grill

Welcome back, David Giacalone. It's good to see giacalone's Bar & Grill open for business.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Open Directory Hits a Milestone

Congratulations to all of the former and active editors of the Open Directory Project. The site's front page was updated today to indicate that the Directory now includes more than 4 million sites. (thanks, Jean)

Supreme Court to Tackle Privacy Today

Wired asks How Much Is Privacy Worth? We may find out later today, when our federal Justices hear oral arguments in Doe v. Chao.

How public should public hearings be?

Should members of the public be permitted to ask questions, or cross examine witnesses? A 9:30 am meeting in Dover may just decide how much involvement the public can have in public hearings on environmental issues. See: Proposal overhauls public hearings

indicted by ashtrays

Overlawyered is pointing towards a rush of tickets for ashtrays in New York City. They might be carrying things a little too far. I hope this doesn't catch on under Delaware's Clean Indoor Air Act.

Delaware on Wikipedia

I was looking at the Wikipedia for Delaware, and it appears to need just a little TLC and updating. If you haven't seen a wiki before, and you think the idea of having fresh information for the First State is a good idea, why not give it a shot?

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Annual Shopping/ Holiday Celebration

Yesterday the DE Law Office and Delaware Intercorp, Inc celebrated their annual shopping day. We shut down the offices and convoyed to the mall, where the stores were just opening and not crowded. We shopped and then gathered for a feast. It really makes for a nice tradition.

Still waiting on the developing of our pictures from the DE Law Office Holiday Dinner, a couple of weeks ago. Shouldn't be long now.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Howard Bashman has 20 questions for Judge Posner

An interesting and insightful interview. If you're interested in the law, this is a definite must-read.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Joining the Fight Against AIDs at Home

There are quite a few people who have allowed their home computers to be used in the search for intelligent life in outer space. It's possible to utilize your computer to be used in a similar manner to battle against AIDs. See the FightAIDS@Home page for more details. (via metafilter)

Ask the White House about AIDs

If you have questions for the Whitehouse on AIDs and HIV, get them in quickly.

At 2pm EST, Dr. Joseph O'Neill, Director of the Office of National AIDs Policy will be answering questions on the topic of HIV and AIDs. Submit your questions now. You might want to visit the National AIDs Policy Office first, and look through their fact sheet summary and other offerings. This stood out:
Number of people who may not know they are HIV pos. -- Approx. 300,000
I believe that number only includes American citizens. World Wide, the number is likely considerably higher.

The World's 3 by 5 Initiative

Is it possible to bring needed medicine to three million people by the year 2005? That's the goal behind the 3 by 5 Initiative. The World Health Organization has much more on the topic, and Wired puts the plan into perspective with an article entitled Hopes Pinned on New Drug Plan on World AIDS Day.

HIV and Civil Rights

The American Civil Liberties Union interviewed service providers around the United States and the results are eye-opening. See: American Civil Liberties Union : HIV & Civil Rights

AIDs and the Law

Not quite a legal blog, or BLAWG, David Webber's page, AIDs and the Law cover a lot of the legal aspects surrounding HIV and AIDs. As a Pennsylvania Attorney, much of his site focuses upon Pennsylvania law, but a good amount covers a broader spectrum than that.

David Webber is a founder of the AIDs Law Project of Pennsylvania, which is a non profit public interest law firm.

Some Delaware resources include:

The Delaware HIV Consortium

46664 was Nelson Mandela's Prison Number

It's also part of the web site address where you can find out more about a recent all star benefit held to help fight AIDs. More details are at 46664.COM.

A live global webcast of the benefit had an estimated audience of 2 billion people. Performers included Bono, Eurythmics, Beyonce, Jimmy Cliff, and others.

MTV webcast the show on Saturday at noon, and will be airing it globally at 6 pm EST tonight.

The Role of Government in the Fight against AIDs

Amnesty International's press release on World AIDs day takes a harsh look at some of the governmental practices that are hurting the fight against AIDs, and some that are more effective, such as those followed by Uganda and Brazil. See: Discrimination and misinformation impede AIDS fight

Today is World AIDs Day

We are participating in the Link and Think project in the hope that our one small effort here might combine with the efforts of many others to make a difference in at least one person's life. If you have a blog or a personal web site, please consider participating, and joining in.

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