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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Turow on the Death Penalty

Scott Turow is one of the leading writers of best selling books involving legal issues. He recently wrote a nonfiction volume on the Death penalty. The Atlantic Monthly interviews him on the subject, and on his involvement in an Illinois commission which reexamined the state's death penalty statutes.

Delaware Students take close look at law and Politics

I'm really happy to see the first issue of the Delaware Politics and Law Review, published by students from the University of Delaware.

I came across the print copy yesterday, and I just visited their web version today. I'm glad to see students voices raised on issues such as:
  • the USA PATRIOT Act,
  • the National Do Not Call List and its impact upon the economy,
  • the difficulty of self-representation in capital murder cases with information about a Delaware case,
  • and serious criticism and comments on local politics.
Congratulations, and welcome to the web. We'll be pointing some links your way.

Insight on law and lawschool from the Mendik Library

A hello and thanks to the good people at the Mendick Law Library and New York Law School who include the Delaware Law Office in their publication Insight (pdf).

The booklet has a great list of books, movies, and web sites for law students and prospective law students. If you are considering law school, you should check out their recommendations.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Intellectual property uk styled

I'm having fun going through some of the older blog posts from Jeremy Phillips and Ilanah Simon at IPKat.

I have a feeling that they are having at least as much fun, if not more, adding to their blog which focuses upon intellectual property with a UK and European perspective.

I don't know how well the snot jokes will play on this side of the Atlantic, though.

Santa Lucia

Days before they arrive in the final installation of Lord of the Rings, Elves will be appearing in Delaware on Sunday, as the State experiences the holding of the 28th annual procession and service honoring Santa Lucia.

The saint symbolizes love, compassion, and light, and those are things we hope abound for all this holiday season.

More on the Lucyfest, as it is practiced in Sweden. It's definitely a fascinating celebration.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Educating legislators

The Walk a Mile project uses the tagline "making politics personal" on their web site. I think that it's a brilliant idea to give politicians a chance to gain perspectives other than their own on legislation that can effect a broad range of people. (via metafilter)

the 9th degree of separation

Russell Rozanski spotlights the ninth reason that delaware is the strongest choice for a corporate home.

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