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Friday, February 27, 2004

Call centers behind bars

Wired News takes a look at a work force behind prison bars. Ten states are permitting companies to set up call centers in prisons. I find myself divided by this approach. I appreciate that prisoners are getting the chance to get some job training. But, I find myself agreeing with the critics who point at minimum wage laws and unemployment outside of prison.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

ICANN or I Can't

Verisign has brought a suit against ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), one of the chief regulators of the internet.

The outcome of the suit may help define the role of ICANN as a regulator of the web, and the ability of large corporations such as Verisign to manipulate their grasp of the web as they wish.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

How to get rid of problem punctuation

No disrespect to the subjects of the next two posts, but a judge has come up with an approach to combat bad writing and worse punctuation: lessen the dollar amount in the fees paid to the writing challenged attorney.

How to get rid of problem deer

The State is considering an extended hunting season to try to reduce Delaware's deer population. The good news is that the University of Delaware has been pressed into service to come up with a long range plan to manage the deer population.

How to get rid of problem geese

There's a population problem in southern Delaware when it comes to Canada Geese, and one solution would see that population drastically reduced by killing some of the geese. It's good to discover that Rehoboth Officials will hear comments on geese removal

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

600 military re-enactors

From May 7 thorugh May 9, Delaware City will host dozens of re-enactment groups re-enacting every American battle in an event entitled Soldier Timeline. There's an estimate that mroe than 30,000 visitors will come to watch the performances.

167 stolen licenses

There's a new practice at the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles. From now on, licenses that are turned in for renewal will be shredded on the spot. 167 Licenses were swiped from the Delaware Motor Vehicle's Office last Wednesday.

10,000 Rebate Checks

Delawareans who signed up prior to a deadline to enter a claim against music distributors and retail chains will be seeing a check from the settlement. According to a press release from the Delaware Attorney General Office, 10,000 Delawareans should be receiving checks of $13.86 each.

Monday, February 23, 2004

The State of surveillance

The average American is being filmed at least 12 times a day.

It's not always easy to catch the cameras pointing at you. Chances are good that there's at least one in the nearest convenience store. A sign on the door at the Newark Wilmington Trust asks patrons to remove hats when entering the building. The better to capture a face on film?

What is privacy, and where are you entitled to it? Is a discussion on a pay phone private? What about on a wireless phone? How about on a wireless phone while strolling down the public sidewalk? If a camera is in a public place, and points to a window, are the actions in plain view of the camera protected by privacy laws? When a camera on private property points to a public area, who do the images captured belong to?

Those questions aren't answered in the Wilmington News Journal's article on surveillance camers, but a good number of other questions are raised. See: Lots of cameras watch you - and catch criminals.

Here's an interesting scenerio. Delaware's bus service, DART, uses five cameras per bus, inside and out, to help in liability claims. Sometimes those cameras capture more than passengers:
DART has had about 10 requests from police departments asking if the agency had a bus in the area when a crime occurred. "We determine what bus was involved, go out and hook up a laptop, and have video of the location and time frame they're looking for," Ford said.
Next time you're in Wilmington, or on Main Street in Newark, see how many cameras you can spot.

copyright and your name

Something seems fishy about this story, of an Elkton, Maryland man who tried to copyright his name by running an ad in the legal ads section of a York, Pennsylvania Newspaper. The article is titled An original take on brand names.

The Wilmington News Journal Blogs

The local paper has started blogs with three of their columnists. I like the idea, and hope that it succeeds. Each has its own particular subject area, and after at least a couple of entries from all three, we're seeing a little more informality in blogging than each writer might have used in their columns. That's a good thing.

Ryan Cormier's blog is titled Pulp Culture and that is also its focus. So far, so fun. He's hit the ground running, and even has a few Delaware references amongst his posts.

I remember Al Mascitti from his days as restaurant reviewer years ago. He was quite good at it. Then he disappeared from the public eye for a number of years (he spent approximately four years behind the scenes). Lately, he's been offering commentary on political and legal issues in the first state, and does an excellent job of inspiring feedback from Delaware's citizens. His blog is entitled First Statements and covers news, politics, and other local issues.

The third blog is Health Beat, from medical columnist Laura Ungar. It has a nice personal touch to it that makes it interesting reading.

All three blogs have comments. Should be interesting.

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