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Friday, August 06, 2004

Freedom of Information Only to Delaware Citizens?

The State of Delaware's freedom of information act limits requests to residents of the State.

One lawyer, on behalf of a political activist and journalist fromthe Bronx, is requesting a Federal judge weigh the Delaware records law to see if it iunconstitutional.

It bugs me to see a flippant remark reported from a Delaware Deputy Attorney General on this subject. I expect a little more graciousness from these public officers, who represent the state when they speak to the press. In this article, one is quoted as saying that nothing is stopping the reporter from becoming a resident of Delaware.

I'd imagine that nothing is stopping me, as a resident of the State, to make an offer to reporter Matthew Lee to forward his requests to the Delaware Attorney General's office on his behalf. AS long as he covers any reasonable expenses that they may require, such as copy costs or what ever, and he doesn't give me truckloads of documents to file at one time, I'd be happy to exercise my right as a citizen of Delaware and help him find some answers.

I like this freedom of the press thingy.

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