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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Reporter Fired for Blogging

As shown by the Dover Post, we do have the right of free speech - - but there is no right to employment. As reported in the News Journal, the Dover Post fired Matt Donegan because of his blog.

Dover Post Editor Don Flood said: "He has a right to free speech, certainly... [the postings were] just so beyond the pale he could not possibly represent [the Dover Post]".

Grrr! Can't find a link to Matt's blog yet :(

It is analogous to the Cramer v. Ursuline Case, where a teacher in a private catholic school was fired because she publicly supported abortion.

In an interesting litigation strategy, Cramer claimed that The Ursuline Academy was not a religious school. That didn't go very far with the Judge.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The UK gets a Supreme Court


Under the Constitutional Reform Act of 2005, the United Kingdom will get its first Supreme Court.

This Court will handle some matters previously handled by the Law Lords of the House of Lords, and will be housed in the Middlesex Guild Hall.

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