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Friday, February 08, 2008

$100 Reward! -- Anybody But Brady

I don't usually get involved in politics, mostly because it disgusts me. But once in a while I get spurred to speak, like now.

I noticed in today's News Journal that John F Brady has announced his candidacy for Insurance Commissioner. Oh my gosh. Please no.

My personal opinion, from having directly observed his behaviour and work product, is that he is not fit for the public service. I was duly unimpressed with his professionalism, ethics, and the quality of his work.

So with concern and a sense of desperate urgency, I say... "Anybody But Brady".

I pledge to contribute $100 each unto the first five legitimate candidates for Insurance Commissioner who oppose Mr. Brady. The first five to be determined by the time and date that they contact me by email at Legitimate is to be defined for these purposes as candidates who have formally filed their candidacy. This pledge is valid only for this election year.

I challenge other concerned citizens and businesses to match my pledge.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Government Crook Steals Millions In Time/Warner Fraud


According to the News Journal this morning, Anthony J Lofink plead guilty to stealing millions from Delaware's unclaimed property account (called escheat), largely by use of fraudulent documents involving the Time/Warner merger.

Lofink is shown here (on the right) leaving the federal courthouse in clothing bought with stolen funds. Photo by John Randolph/ Special to the News Journal.

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