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Alderman's Courts

The Alderman's Courts are small local courts, which retain the local customs, culture, and flavor of the town they are located within.

In many ways, they are similar to justice of the Peace Courts, but they also have jurisdiction of the ordinances passed by the municipal government.

Delaware's first Alderman's Court was in the City of Wilmington in 1832. The Wilmington Court closed in 1869, being replaced by a new Municipal Court. But, by the time that 1875 had rolled around, Delaware had nineteen Alderman's Courts.

Alderman Courts, such as the City of Newark Alderman's Court, usually have jurisdiction over misdemeanors, municipal ordinances, and traffic offenses that occur within their town limits.

The Honorable Lisa R. Hatfield is Alderman for the City of Newark and Chief Alderman for the State of Delaware. The Honorable Malcolm S. Cobin is Deputy Alderman.