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Staying Organized While Going Through the Divorce Process

Going through the process of divorce can take a toll on anyone. No matter how long you’ve been married, or even if you think you’re fine, this process can cause a lot of stress and trauma—not just to the couple involved, but also to their children. It’s hard to stay on track when you’re going

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Nursing Home Residents’ Rights Everyone Has to Know

Despite the conditions of people in nursing homes, medical personnel, caregivers, and the other residents themselves can subject patients to cruelty and maltreatment. The federal Nursing Home Reform Law and the various other state laws guarantee the rights of the residents. And yet, despite these measures of protection, as many as 150,000 residents of nursing

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What’s in a Name: Picking a Business Name

So, you have the passion, energy, and even the money to start a business. You even have the perfect product or service in mind. What’s the only thing missing? Well, you do not have a great name yet, one that your customers will remember the first time they see it. Think of the way Google,

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Pandemic and the Law: What Laws Apply During COVID-19

The pandemic has been here for more than a year, and a lot of changes have already been felt. Like acts and resolutions being passed into law, some things that happened during the pandemic may become the norm. And this includes the practice of law, like the use of Zoom and telephonic meetings for family

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Ways to Protect Your Wealth

Wealth preservation is one of the most important components of any real estate plan. Passing your wealth to future generations requires that you safeguard them for the time being and for as long as you are still alive. For people who are growing wealthier, though, lawsuits seem to be inevitable. Fortunately, there are now ways

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Injuries: How Do They Become Grounds for Lawsuits?

Much of humanity’s history is filled with conflicts. For the past few thousand years, tribes, kingdoms, and nations have fought each other for dominance when it comes to resources or politics. This isn’t a surprise when we want to associate ourselves with ideologies and a certain group of people that give us an identity. When

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How to Handle Workplace Disputes Adequately

A conflict that is related to money will most-likely inflicting emotional reactions. It is often becoming the reason for a conflict of interest and leading to a hostile relationship. Unfortunately, the workplace is where these disputes have mostly happened. The feeling of taken for granted, the lack of respect, or the lack of appreciation will

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How Can You Protect Your Company During Divorce

Every couple that gets into marriage believes that they will live happily ever after. But sadly, the unexpected happens and the relationship doesn’t work out the way they thought it would. Therefore, in the unfortunate event that you find yourself in a family court pursuing divorce, and you have doubts about the economic effects of

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What to Tell Your Children When Going Through a Divorce

The separation will always be an anxiety-inducing experience for everyone involved. In the case of a divorce, a couple might feel like they’re going through a difficult time, but this feeling is magnified in a child’s heart. Nobody would want their children to go through this emotional experience, but in some cases, this process is

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States of the Brain: What are the Patient’s Rights?

Life can be unpredictable. One day you may be talking to a person you know so well, and then the next thing you know they figured in an accident and suffered serious injuries. You would learn of them being admitted to a hospital, unresponsive. If there are people who are responsible for this tragedy, they

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