intellectual property

Intellectual Property is Transforming. Are You Keeping Up?

2021 is, without question, just one unique time. We are still in the middle of an epidemic, and many countries remain in an emergency. The global rollout of vaccinations is on the radar, and the world economy remains robust despite unclear trade challenges. To keep up with the fast-changing intellectual property compliance and brand protection

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couple divorcing

Till Lockdown Do Us Part: Is Divorce Rising in 2020?

The world on lockdown has provided families around the globe more time to spend with each other. While it’s a welcome opportunity for couples who get along well, it’s far from pleasant for those who have a lot of differences. There’s talk going around in legal circles that there is an increase in divorce inquiries in

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working from home

Pointers for a Safer Work Environment

Many people associate occupational accidents with high-risk industries such as logging, construction, and agriculture. The reality is injuries occur in all types of workplaces, whether it’s a construction site, a workshop, or a climate-controlled office building. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries are reported every year. Occupational

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