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How Can You Protect Your Company During Divorce

Every couple that gets into marriage believes that they will live happily ever after. But sadly, the unexpected happens and the relationship doesn’t work out the way they thought it would. Therefore, in the unfortunate event that you find yourself in a family court pursuing divorce, and you have doubts about the economic effects of

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What to Tell Your Children When Going Through a Divorce

The separation will always be an anxiety-inducing experience for everyone involved. In the case of a divorce, a couple might feel like they’re going through a difficult time, but this feeling is magnified in a child’s heart. Nobody would want their children to go through this emotional experience, but in some cases, this process is

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States of the Brain: What are the Patient’s Rights?

Life can be unpredictable. One day you may be talking to a person you know so well, and then the next thing you know they figured in an accident and suffered serious injuries. You would learn of them being admitted to a hospital, unresponsive. If there are people who are responsible for this tragedy, they

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Divorce in the Time of Coronavirus: From a Legal Perspective

Divorce-related searches have increased by 32% as the pandemic ensues, as reported by several news stations. Despite the increase in searches, divorce rates are still down. But it’s no wonder that people are getting more interested in the topic than normal—time spent at home together has increased, with couples watching each other all the time.

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Renting Property? Do These Before Signing the Lease

A commercial lease can mean a lot for a business. Whether it is to open a store or an office, your lease details can have a significant effect on your business. For example, a lousy lease can have you closing the doors of your business in a few months. To avoid this, you need to

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These Practices Will Help You Recover from Divorcing at a Young Age

No matter your situation in life, divorce will always be a complicated process. But for a young divorcee, the challenges can be very different. If you’re not careful, you might find yourself lacking support or falling for the same relationship pitfalls. These practices will help you recover better from an early divorce. Be single but

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3 Classic Divorce Myths People Need to Stop Believing

Every year, hundreds of couples divorce, and many more will follow suit. Despite this, it is still subject to countless myths that only lead to confusion, overwhelm, and stress. These are typical divorce misconceptions people need to stop believing: 1. About 50% of Marriages End in Divorce One of the notorious claims about divorce is

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Debunking Popular Misconceptions About the U.S. Legal System

Judges, juries, and lawyers are all staples of a stunning variety of films and TV shows. They’re the star of shows featuring the adjudication of a crabby woman or gritty crime procedurals, or even slick dramas about incredibly attractive attorneys. But popular media tends to distort the truth before it filters out of your screen.

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How to Help Your Child Deal With Life After Divorce

Raising a child with an ex can be challenging, especially if you still have difficulty talking to or even being around your former spouse. But just because you got a divorce does not mean that the other person stops being a parent. Your child deserves unconditional love and attention from both parents, even if they

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Three Tips to Prepare for the Life-changing Effect of Your First Child

First-time parents know that having a child will be life-changing; it’s something they anticipate, but the scale of change can be so dramatic that many parents are nonetheless caught unprepared. Raising a child influences every aspect of daily living and is a life-long task – even couples in Townsville who end up consulting divorce lawyers

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