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Monday, April 19, 2010

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Monday, March 08, 2010

None Of The Above

Many folks, including myself, are sick and tired of the partisan politics that has stagnated our government.  I refer to both primary parties.  It seems that almost all we hear regarding the federal political process is bickering, fear mongering, and name calling.  Isn't it time that we sent our people in Washington a message, that they should get back to the work that we sent them to perform?

When I see international news stories about "radical" this and "radical extremist" that, I now for the first time see echoes of this type of behaviour within our own country.  I hear myself talking to the television, saying... "you can't really believe that.... right?".  We have a fair number of our own radical extremists.  We should learn to recognize them and keep their rhetoric out of the governmental process of this, our government.

I think we need two things:  first, we need to get at least one more political party, preferrably two more, significantly placed in national government.  We need to do this to bust up the dog and pony show that the two primary parties have placed on stage for us;  secondly, we need to vote the radical extremists out of office, and put people in there who are there to do a job.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Disorder or lacking order

In a human resource position or hiring position, there will be tinges of worry about current and prospective employees. Now pyshcological diorders may be included as a new battlefield in the future for companies. Already, the American Psychiatric Assocation is propsing to include binge eating and excess gambling to the list of psychiatric disorders that will be in the DSM-5 publishing 2013. If this occurs employers may have to redefine disabililty in their work place. My perspective is that these are problems but I do not believe they are to the point of a disability. This is going to be a significant legal issue because employers may have to look back into their employees' health and finacial history, to see if they have the new types of disabilities. There could be whole new costs to employers arising from the testing for these disorders and payments for accomodations. The new work setting will make it harder on employers to do the normal hiring of new staff and to evaluat their current staff if binge eating and excessive gambling become certifies as disorders.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Internet Sales Tax Debate 2010, Continued

No physical presence in the State of California.
- Check

No money in the California State coffers.
- Check

California Legislative Assembly Bill ABX8 8 (PDF)
- Check

Poor Amazon and!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Undercover Boss

The Harvard Business Review's article "Be an Undercover Boss" highlights the reasoning on why bosses should have a more intimate role in the daily work of staff. There is a possibility for a deeper understanding of each job and to have the ability to see an inside view of their employees' work with by a boss having this type of role. The tips involve the bosses to switch up their location, be the shadow of their workers, and to make each job work with them having a personal experience involving their employees. This article has allowed me to see the benefit in a boss allowing themselves to swept up in the workflow and observe. The issue is the boss cannot start off hands on. I feel staff will presume the boss is approaching and following them to critique the employees, not help. It seems that it will cause employees to feel uneasy and not vocalize or show the issues or problems they are having. This plan will not be a quick fix to the issue. If you doubt the possibility of this, the idea has been transformed into a television show called Undercover Boss, which recently aired after the Super Bowl. For further information view the article in whole.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Verizon phones

This is year is the year of smartphones. Verizon Wireless has two new phones for this year that show how promising mobile business is now. The Blackberry Storm2 is an all touch screen phone that allows business to be taken international with its mobile e-mail, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications on the phone, and ability to navigate any business person overseas. The Motorola Droid is the new competition for the IPhone will all of the applications that it offers, the ability to do multiple tasks at once, and Android 2.0 from Google that is on the phone. I have just recently gotten a Blackberry Tour as my new phone. This phone allows me to take pictures, write a report and send that report in an e-mail to a teacher. I have learned about applications in a phone through my new phone. As technology advances so does the ability for business.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Three W2

This year taxes are going to hit me hard. With my three jobs I will be paying the government some money. I do not really understand fully how taxes work but from what I have seen I think will be not be getting any money back this tax season.

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